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  • Manufacturer: AUTO KOOL
  • Model: 5325A


Radiator Freightliner / Sterling

Parts # : 5325A

Reference: Fit on

Century, FLD, Classic XL & Sterling 9500 Series
2002 to 2007

Cross Reference:  FRE20, A4738, B7472, BHAA4738, BHTA4726, BHTB7472, BHTE3758, BHTE6125, 140052W, E3758, BHTB5434, BHTC0965, BHTD9466, BHTD9582, BHTE3760, BHTE3761, BHTE4812, BHTE6293, BHTH0578, BHTU0225001, BHTU2229001, BHTV0225001, A4726, B5434, C0965, D9466, D9582, E3760, E3761, E4812, E6125, E6293, H0578, U0225001, U2229001, V0225001, V0226001, A0520659000, A0520659002, A0520659003, A0520659004, 20011710, SPI20011710, FR1303B0013, FR1303B0023, SRM7820, BT7157B, FR49, CVTM80673, CTVTM80673, FRE20, FRE20AP, 43067, FR49WF, HR800020, E4814, E3759, DHTFR1303B0023, C2238, BHTC2237, BHTB4742, B7473, A4739, 11C9699ST, FLX000230, BHTA4738, A4727, B4742, C2237, BHTB7473, BHTC2238, BHTE3759, BHTE4814, BHTA4727, V0225100, BHTV0226001, Serial Number: 20050814224835, 437398P, 8000-20PT

  • Warranty: 1 Year. This warranty will be honored only at our garage. Towing not included