Whether you are manual or more attracted to administrative tasks, we have a job for heavyweight enthusiasts! Diesel mechanics, dismantlers, salespeople, parts clerks, welders, tire fitting technicians and much more!

Get behind the wheel and head towards a career that makes the difference!

Spontaneous Application

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Joining our team means benefiting from a host of advantages!

Diversity and Learning Opportunities Every Day!

At Camions Dubois, there’s no room for routine! We work on all makes of trucks and all kinds of engines, and this, of all years. Our employees develop unique expertise and knowledge. Your professional development remains one of our priorities.

Joining our team means enjoying the following benefits

  • Collective insurances
  • Sick leave
  • Travel insurance
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • No traffic
  • New installations
  • VRSP
  • Competitive salaries
  • Life insurance
  • Health budget
  • Diversity
  • Day shifts!
  • Work clothes provided
  • Continuing training

Choice, diversity and learning opportunities every day

At Camions Dubois, there's no place for routine! We work on all brands of trucks, all kinds of engines and of all years.

Our employees develop a unique expertise and knowledge that is incredibly cherished. The professional development and general well-being of each member of our team remains a priority for us.

Camions Dubois is the reference in the truck industry

  • 2,000Trucks in stock
  • 537Years of combined experience by all our employees
  • 46Years: average age of our employees
  • 5,000Visits to our website every month
  • 65Employees
  • 12,280Liters of oil collected per year